Six Email Marketing Tips For Travel Agents

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Six Email Marketing Ideas for Travel Agents

Travel agents need a strong digital marketing strategy in order to engage customers. Gone are the days when people planning trips would walk into traditional travel agencies for advice and bookings; today most travellers book their trips online and conduct research online. Your website and social media pages are just two of many digital tools you can use for customer interaction with the best way being email – directly contact people and direct them where desired. These six email strategies for travel agents will help keep them engaged throughout their trip planning journeys.

Making Your List Expandable

Expanding your email list can be one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing. There are multiple strategies for gaining subscribers.

MailChimp and Constant Contact are reliable email marketing services. These and similar ones, also referred to as autoresponders, offer many tools for automation in your marketing activities such as scheduling, subscription forms and automated responses.

Subscription forms can be placed in prominent areas on your website or social media pages. Exit popups and other techniques like scroll-backs are great options to consider for this purpose, while Facebook is another ideal location for displaying the form.

Give subscribers a reason to join your list. Offer benefits that are specific to your area of expertise (e.g., Subscribe to my newsletter for the best Caribbean cruise deals). Use lead magnets like ebooks or reports as incentives. Alternatively, offer them discounts or promo codes on one or more of your services.

Create a branded newsletter

Maintaining contact with your subscribers on a regular basis is key for getting maximum engagement. A newsletter helps you establish yourself as an authority, and people will expect your emails. While sending out one message per month may work too, sending out a newsletter has more of a perceived value and allows for brand building. Your logo should be included in the name of the newsletter. Automated email services offer many professional-looking templates at no extra charge.

Though creating a newsletter may seem intimidating to some business owners, the process is actually quite straightforward. Start by choosing your template and setting up a schedule. Then you create content – no matter how long it is! Customers appreciate concise writing so don’t worry about going off on too many tangents!

Please share this helpful information.

Your marketing efforts should be directed toward increasing bookings. Your email campaigns should provide useful information, not just promotions for your business. Of course, you can include offers in these emails; however, it is equally important to share other pertinent details such as:

Destination Guides – Highlight attractions, activities and events in the areas you cover.

Timely Events – Discuss festivals, concerts and holiday celebrations that occur around the world. While this topic overlaps with destination, its focus can vary significantly. You might list events such as Top Music Festivals in Europe or Most Exciting Carnival Celebrations to name just two examples.

General Travel Tips: Packing efficiently, finding the most reasonable fares and understanding etiquette in different cultures.

Useful Links. When communicating with subscribers, it’s best to direct them to your site and other pages as we’ll explain below. You may include links to useful information so long as they are not competitors of yours.

Don’t worry about providing too much information in order to turn away potential clients. Customers often appreciate having tasks done for them even if they can do the work themselves. Incorporating information about airlines, cruises and travel apps won’t deter people from booking with your company; rather, it could actually benefit you since people will remember how much research needs to be done if they don’t receive assistance. Plus, your industry knowledge will be shown through this reminder.

Email Marketing: Leverage It for Better Content Marketing

  • Utilise Email Marketing to Expand Your Reach
  • Make Emailing Part of Your Content Promotion arsenal with these helpful strategies

Email marketing can be an effective tool for travel agents to enhance their content marketing. You should, for example, link directly to the most recent blog posts in your email message as well as linking to videos or articles you’ve written. There’s no need to create a lot of new material just by linking back; providing readers with a link and concise summary of recent material will be enough to pique their interest.

Segment Your Email List

Starting a newsletter and email list is beneficial, but as your list grows it becomes increasingly important to segment it for personalized messaging. Autoresponders make segmentation simple; just create different campaigns associated with different opt ins. For instance, if you’re trying to promote travel to various destinations, create multiple emails tailored towards different readers – some from Asia, Europe or the Caribbean for instance.

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing

Mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent, so it’s essential that you prepare and optimize your marketing for mobile-friendly users. Travelers use smartphones and tablets for research, booking and tracking their journeys; 64% even use them to check in for flights! Two primary ways you can benefit from the mobile revolution include:

Keep your emails simple to read on mobile devices by keeping the copy concise and short, including subject lines that won’t get lost in translation. Images should only be used sparingly as this will give users a slower experience.

Reach out to customers when they’re on the go. Mobile phones are more likely to capture their attention and they may be interested in any add-ons that you offer. People on vacation might book a tour or purchase a city pass for transport and entertainment, for instance.

Email marketing: An effective tool for travel agents

Email strategies can be highly beneficial for travel agents looking to expand their business and reach more clients. Email marketing works in combination with other digital tactics, allowing you to stay in touch and acquire new clients. A mailing list helps establish expertise, drive traffic to your site, and remind visitors about special offers you have running. As your email list grows, you’ll discover even greater advantages from email marketing.

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