Six Email Marketing Tips For Travel Agents

Six Email Marketing Tips For Travel Agents

To engage customers, travel agents need to have a strong digital marketing strategy. This is not the same as the days when anyone contemplating a trip would simply walk into a brick-and mortar travel agency. It still happens occasionally, though it is rare. The vast majority of travellers today book their travels online and conduct their research online. Your website and social media pages are just two of many digital tools that can be used to interact with customers. Email is the best way to keep in touch. Email is a great way to stay in touch with people without waiting for them to visit your pages. You can contact them directly and direct them where you want. These are six powerful email strategies for travel agents.

Make Your List

Growing your email list is one of the most difficult challenges in email marketing. There are many ways to gain subscribers.

MailChimp or Constant Contact are reliable email marketing services. These services, as well as similar ones, are also called autoresponders. They provide many tools to automate your marketing, including scheduling, subscription forms and automated responses.

You can place subscription forms in prominent places on your website or social media pages. You can experiment with different placements and techniques, such as exit popups. Another premium place for your form is Facebook.

Give subscribers a reason to sign up. Benefits that are specific to your area of expertise (e.g. Subscribe to my newsletter to get the best Caribbean cruise deals. A lead magnet, such as an ebook or report, can be offered. You can also offer a discount or promo code for one of your services.

Make a brandable newsletter

It’s essential to keep in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis to get maximum engagement. A newsletter can help you establish yourself as an expert, and people will expect your emails. It is also possible to send messages out once a month. However, a newsletter has a higher perceived value, and allows you to build your brand. Your logo should be included in your newsletter’s name. An automated email service allows you to access many professional-looking templates.

Although it may seem daunting to some business owners, creating a newsletter is easy. Choose a template and set up a schedule. Then, you create your content. It doesn’t matter how long you write. Customers are often busy so they appreciate concise writing.

Please share useful information

Your marketing efforts should be focused on increasing bookings. Your email marketing campaigns should focus on useful information, not directly promoting your business. Of course, you can include offers in your email campaigns. However, it is important to share other information such as:

Destination Guides – Describe attractions, activities and events in the areas you cover.

Timely Events – Discussion about festivals, concerts and holiday celebrations. While this overlaps with destination, the focus can be very different. You might list events such as Top Music Festivals in Europe or Most Exciting Carnival Celebrations.

General Travel Tips: Packing, finding the best fares, and etiquette in various cultures.

Useful links. It’s best to direct subscribers to your site and other pages, as we’ll explain below. You can include links to useful information, provided they’re not competitors.

Don’t worry about giving too much information to make people not need your services. Customers often appreciate having tasks done for them, even if they can do the work themselves. Information on airlines, cruises, and travel apps is not going to discourage people from booking with your company. It might actually help you, as you are reminding people how much research is required if they don’t get the help they need. You’re also demonstrating your industry knowledge.

Email Marketing: Use it to Enhance Your Content Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for improving content marketing for travel agents. You should, for instance, link to the most recent posts on your blog in your email marketing. You can also link to your Facebook page, videos and articles. You don’t need to create a lot of content for your newsletter by linking to your content. A link and a brief summary of your most recent content can be enough to entice readers.

Segment Your Email List

It’s a good idea to create a single newsletter and email list. As your list grows, however, it becomes more important to segment your list to send the best messages to each subscriber. If you use an autoresponder, segmentation is not difficult. You can create different campaigns that are associated with different opt ins. To promote travel to different destinations, you might create a series of emails. You might find some readers more interested in Asia, Europe, or the Caribbean.

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing

Mobile devices are becoming more popular. This is something you need to prepare for and ensure your marketing is mobile-friendly. Travelers use smartphones and tablets to research, book and track their travels. 64% of travelers use mobile devices to check in for flights. Two main ways you can leverage the mobile revolution are:

Your emails should be easy to read on mobile devices. Keep your email copy concise and short. Keep subject lines short so that they don’t get lost. Mobile users will experience a slower experience if images are used sparingly.

Reach out to customers when they are on the road. You’re more likely to get their attention via mobile phones, and they may be interested in any add-ons that you have. A person on a trip might want to book a tour, or purchase a city pass for transport and entertainment.

Email marketing: A powerful tool for travel agents

These email strategies can be very useful for travel agents looking to expand their business and reach more clients. Email marketing can be used in conjunction with all other digital marketing strategies. This allows you to keep in touch and acquire new clients. An email list can help you establish your expertise, drive traffic to your site, and remind visitors to take advantage your latest offers. As your email list grows, you’ll find that email marketing has more benefits.

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