Connect with Nature in Montana This Winter

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Montana is breathtaking in winter. Montana is known as an outdoor paradise, with its stunning landscapes, from the snow-covered plains to high mountains. It is easy to connect with nature with its 145,000-square-miles of land and 1 million residents.

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There are stunning views, endless powder and tons of activities, so it’s hard to find a more serene, adventurous, or peaceful place to visit in the lower 48. These are five ways Montanans can get in touch with nature in winter.

Backcountry skiing

Although it can be enjoyable to hit the slopes at a resort or ski area, it is something that makes you want to get away from the crowds and go on a ski trip in the wild. There are many backcountry ski trips in Montana. These tours can be enjoyed by anyone, from beginners to experts. The lengths of the trips range from one day to an entire weekend.

You should be aware that the backcountry is wild and you will need a guide. It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of avalanche safety and be at least in intermediate physical condition before you head out. There are no ski lifts available in the backcountry.

Stay at a Backcountry Lodge

Is there a better place to spend the night after a long day exploring? It’s a cozy lodge in the backcountry! Downing Mountain Backcountry Lodge, located on the ridge overlooking Western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, is a haven for outdoor lovers looking to relax. This lodge offers a peaceful retreat for you and your friends. It features a large central fireplace, a community living room, full-sized kitchen, and a bubbling spa. Access to the lodge is easy, as it has vehicle access in snow-free months and only a mile and half of ski-in during winter.

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Downing Mountain Backcountry Lodge also offers a range of high-intermediate and advanced backcountry ski packages. This is the best place for ski enthusiasts looking for a guide. This video will give you more ideas for your Montana backcountry winter adventure.

Dog Sledding

One of my favourite things is being able to ethically and safely interact with animals while on vacation. What better way than dog sledding in Montana? Mushing a group of healthy huskies through Montana’s backcountry is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and participate in an historical activity.

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The kickoff to a race is an excellent event for those who don’t want to be dog sledding participants. The Race to the Sky and the Darby Dog Derby are two of the most popular annual races.

Cross-Country skiing

Montana’s backcountry offers some amazing cross-country skiing trails. These trails will make you fall in love with the beautiful powder and tranquility. These trails are easy to access and range from beginner-friendly treks to longer, more challenging excursions. The Yellowstone Rendezvous Trail and the Red Lodge Nordic Center are great places to start. No matter how avid you are at cross-country skiing, Montana has a trail for you!


It is said that if you can walk you can snowshoe. I believe snowshoeing in Montana’s deep powder is one the most simple sports. It also opens up the backcountry in the same way that hiking does in the summer. There are many outfitter shops in Montana that rent snowshoes and poles. If you get lost, they have guides to help you.

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Montana has hundreds of miles worth of snowshoe trails. Finding a trailhead is easy, and there are many paths that are suitable for all abilities and ages. If you are a more experienced snowshoe enthusiast, there are many off-grid options.