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Test Your Knowledge of Amtrak Train Travel With This Quiz

Have you ever taken Amtrak from A to B on vacation? Test your knowledge about long-distance train travel and learn more about rail travel by taking this quiz!

Which of the following Amtrak long-distance trains are you searching for?

  • California Zephyr
  • Empire Builder
  • Southwest Chief

Answer: D. All of the preceding. Amtrak operates 15 long distance routes, connecting cities between multiple locations. These journeys often feature a Sleeping car or dining car for passengers to eat and sleep during their journey. Other popular Amtrak long distance services include Coast Starlight and Lake Shore Limited.

How many nights must you spend traveling across America by Amtrak?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Traveling across America by train takes just three nights! Many find that long-distance train travel offers a stress-free alternative to flying and driving, especially when they opt for accommodations with beds or kitchenettes.

Do Amtrak passengers have access to Canada?

Absolutely. Amtrak allows passengers to travel between New York, Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls on the East Coast as well as Seattle and Vancouver on the West Coast. For this reason, Amtrak has become increasingly popular among travellers from around the globe.

Do any national parks feature an Amtrak train station at their entrance?

Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier and Rocky Mountain national parks all have Amtrak stations located within them.

Answer: c. Glacier National Park. Glacier, Montana is a national park established in 1898 by the Great Northern Railroad and played an instrumental role in developing it by building hotels and other tourist facilities. Today, Amtrak’s Empire Builder train makes daily stops at this park while traveling between Chicago and Seattle.

Amtrak allows passengers to bring one piece of luggage along for free.


False. Amtrak provides generous luggage policies that allow two carry-on bags each weighing 50 pounds and two personal items (such as a purse, blanket or laptop) which can be stored overhead bins. Additional bags can be checked for $20 each or you may have up to two free. Plus they’ll help label and check all your bags when you arrive at the station so it’s easier to identify when boarding the train!

Sleeping car service is included in the price of your train ticket.

  • True
  • False

Amtrak’s Sleeping Car Service includes full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Which major city boasts more Amtrak routes than any other?

  • Washington, DC
  • Chicago, IL
  • New York City (NY) and New Orleans, LA.

Answer: Chicago Union Station is Amtrak’s primary hub. There are several long-distance lines that pass through the station daily, including Empire Builder (California Zephyr), Southwest Chief, Texas Eagles and City of New Orleans as well as Lake Shore Limited which runs alongside Southwest Chief’s Texas Eagle service. Southwest Chief has even sent their Texas Eagle to City of New Orleans’ headquarters along with other regional destinations like Seattle or Dallas-Fort Worth.

Onboard the train, you are not permitted to bring in your own food or drinks. That statement rings true.


False. Your food and drinks can be enjoyed while sitting at your seat, in one of the Sightseer Lounges, or even while sleeping on board! Though alcohol beverages are not permitted on board, you are welcome to bring in your own alcohol provided that the train follows its guidelines; we highly recommend adding some of your own water as well.

Amtrak train travel is the most sustainable form of long-distance transportation.

  • True
  • False

ANSWER: a. True. True

Amtrak Vacations are available at over 500 stations throughout North America.


Richtig. Yes, you can take a roundtrip Amtrak train vacation anywhere in America – whether that be near your home or one of America’s more than 500 Amtrak stations across cities like Chicago, Washington DC or San Francisco. Your vacation begins and ends wherever you please during an Amtrak journey!

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