Five of the Best Train Vacations Before Summer Ends

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Five of the Best Train Vacations Before Summer Ends

Don’t put off planning that summer rail adventure you’ve always wanted but never had the time for. There are plenty of exciting Train Vacation options for those seeking a relaxing summer escape. These 5 vacations are just some of the many available; our website has hundreds more – all accessible roundtrip from your local train station!

Rails to Grand Canyon

Take an unforgettable journey from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon. Board Amtrak from LAX and take in stunning American Southwest scenery as you cross into Arizona. Your next stop: one of the Seven Natural Wonders: the magnificent Grand Canyon! Board the Grand Canyon Railway for a guided tour and witness many stunning sights along the way – this will be one trip you’ll remember for years!

Niagara Falls: A Dream Getaway Roundtrip From New York

Niagara Falls has long been associated with romance and relaxation. Now you can experience all that Niagara Falls has to offer on a four-day, three-night Ultimate Getaway Roundtrip Rail Vacation from New York – in just four days and three nights! Enjoy sightseeing cruises to the basin in front of the Falls as well as 360 degree views from Skylon Tower; play some golf at an award-winning course; visit a botanical garden; then unwind at a spa; have wine tasting or have a candlelit dinner at one of its iconic restaurants; experience all that Niagara has to offer! Lastly, enjoy stunning light shows and firework displays over the Falls during summer months for truly spectacular fireworks displays!

Grand National Parks of the Southwest

Experience an unforgettable seven-day train journey from Chicago to Utah, visiting five stunning national parks: Arches Canyonlands, Zion and Bryce. Enjoy spectacular sightseeing tours through each park as well as views of its unique geography – including dramatic arches, pinnacles, balanced stones and fins that you may never have seen in person! This vacation offers stunning scenery all year round with plenty of sun and relaxation – making it the perfect vacation for anyone!

Northern Rail Experience

Take a scenic rail journey through the Midwest and Pacific coast, stopping in Seattle along the way. Enjoy views of wildlife along major sections of the Lewis and Clark Trail as you pass by, hop-on hop-off tours in Seattle, San Francisco’s sights in Sausalito or Muir Woods; two stunning areas in Northern California before continuing onto “Windy City”, onboard one of North America’s most picturesque train rides.

Discover New Orleans on a Roundtrip From Chicago

Experience all that “The Big Easy” has to offer you! Start your adventure by taking a scenic train ride through America. Pass by picturesque farmlands, cross rivers or cross over bayous. New Orleans awaits with its eclectic blend of cultures and styles. Experience the French Quarter and listen to jazz music as you take a scenic cruise along the Mississippi River aboard the Creole queen paddle wheeler. A swamp boat cruise offers breathtaking views of Southern Louisiana’s beauty, plus you’ll receive a New Orleans VISITicket Multi Day Power Pass for access to over 25 “NOLA” attractions like Audubon Aquarium! With so much adventure waiting for you in this exciting city, New Orleans provides endless adventure opportunities!

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