How to Create Your Own ‘Eat Pray, Love’ Adventure Without Travel

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We traveling souls have not had a good year. As many of you, my travels have been limited to my own backyard. This is a shame for someone who has experienced so much peace through travel.

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Although last year was filled with personal struggles, one thing that kept me relatively sane was trying to keep my eyes on the things I can control — and not the things that cannot be changed. Although I can’t travel anymore, I am grateful for the opportunity to have meaningful experiences without ever leaving my home.

How to Create Your Own ‘Eat Pray, Love’ Adventure Without Travel?

Many of us have been given an opportunity to travel the world, but instead of embarking on a grand journey, we are able to go on a journey that is mind-blowing in body, mind and soul.

Because of the events of the past year, it seems that we all feel a bit traumatized. I know that I am. There are many tools that can help us deal with these emotions and reset our nervous systems.

The best thing about 2020 was for me that it restricted my options. I couldn’t ignore the still voice within me. I couldn’t ignore it any longer with endless distractions.

I have felt a tiny voice within me telling me to follow my heart, to use my life experience for others.

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My healing journey led me to learn a few healing modalities, and I am passionate about sharing these tools with others.

Because of my childhood sexual trauma, I was in desperate need of this training and knowledge. I began to explore other modalities that could help me release this stuck energy.

Although I seemed to have the perfect life, getting paid to travel the globe, I was actually struggling within.

I was able to transform my mental, physical and emotional aspects through Hypnosis and Breathwork, as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. This work has taught me that there is no way to achieve lasting happiness outside of yourself. It comes from within.

In the past years and especially 2020, I have kept coming back to this realization: We are not in control what happens around our lives and we don’t need to. Learning to let go makes life so much easier. To be in the flow. Sometimes, life can bring you to your knees. But that doesn’t mean it has to be painful.

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I am so happy to share the Unfolding Retreat with all of you. It is where I have gathered all the best tools that I have used to transform my inner world and my life.

The Unfolding, a self-paced course designed for women, is designed to feel like a mini getaway. This course focuses on reconnection to your inner compass, and clarity in all aspects of your life.

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The Unfolding contains six modules, guided meditations and video content. There are many other goodies as well. This journey will be shared and supported by us in a safe and private Facebook group.