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Today, I am doing something that I don’t normally do on my blog. However, I have found that I enjoy styling pieces here lately. Even though I love fashion, I don’t consider myself to be a fashion blogger. Let me show you that it is possible to style pieces together and still look trendy. You can Lizard Thicket save money by learning how to style multiple pieces from your closet. I don’t usually like to wear the same outfits close together. The next time I see the same outfit, it will be a while before I do so again. The three pieces that I’ve styled today will allow for me to wear the same garden lizard outfit more often. While you will need additional items to complete this look, I am sure that you already have them in your wardrobe. Other items you will need: Jeans or shorts; belt; wedges or sandals; earrings.

  • This outfit is a favorite of mine. The sweater is perfect for spring, as it is light and breathable.
  • Unfortunately, the sweater has been sold. However, you can find a Lizard Thicket short-sleeve version on their website.

You can see all their stock sweaters here Lizard Thicket

I paid for the sweater with their Kan Can Jeans. I love this brand of jeans. This brand is my favorite. They are so much loved. They’re so comfortable and stretchy, and they look great on.

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  • Similar jeans available here Lizard Thicket
  • You can see all their jeans at Lizard Thicket
  • They are simply stunning and my favorite cheetah sandals. They were also so comfortable. Get the sandals here

This dress and these shoes were my first impressions of the outfit. It was amazing! I fell in love with the entire outfit instantly. This dress is the first time I have ever owned animal print clothing. It is so beautiful. These shoes are not something I would normally wear but I had to give them a try because I was curious about how they felt. The moral of the story is to never judge a book’s cover. You may find yourself falling thicker-hair in love with something on the rack, or the shoes on the shelves.. but maybe you should just take a step outside of your box and say “Why not?” You might fall in love with the piece, just like I did with these shoes.

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They don’t sell shoes online, but they do sell them in stories. I do know that the Knoxville location has them. This blog post will include a list of all LT locations. Knoxville is my favourite 😉

  • All of their shoes are available at Lizard Thicket
  • Get the exact dress you are looking for at Lizard Thicket
  • Each of the three items is underpriced
  • All of their dresses are available here

The last outfit is just the three pieces I wore together, with the help of a belt. You can’t see my earrings, but I will link them to you all.

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This trick was taught to me by one of my favorite Instagram lizard pose yoga bloggers. Monica Kaase is her name. If you’d like to see her Instagram, click here. He is the sweetest, most adorable, and most precious baby boy. He is probably only a few months older than Luca. That is so cool!

The trick is to wrap a belt around the waist of your dress and then add a sweater. You can then tuck your sweater in the belt at the front. This creates the illusion that you’re wearing a shirt, but in reality you’re not.