Amazing kids parties without breaking the bank!

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Parties for kids can be very expensive. If you are on a tight budget, kids parties can become a major stressor. Our ready-made scavenger hunting games can be used indoors and outdoors for smaller or large gatherings. All you require is included and everything is arranged in a matter of minutes via email. The treasure hunt is a super fun activity of about 40 minutes that could be regarded as the icing on the cake! There are numerous themes available and the stories and riddles kinderfeestje 9 jaar can be adapted to the age range of the kids, 4-6 years or 7-10 years old. It’s easy for you to master, but also great entertainment for your children!

You don’t need to spend a lot to make your kids happy. We’d even venture to say that the kids might have more fun if they don’t!

Kids love simplicity when it comes to party planning! To have fun, they don’t need many things. It is funny to see that children often don’t enjoy lavish parties. It’s because too many activities compete for children’s attention. A bouncy castle in one corner, an entertainer in another, then a face-painting artist, a mascot, and a popcorn machine thrown in for good. It sounds amazing, but it is too many!

  • Children will be overwhelmed and unable to focus for long periods of time.
  • However, having less doesn’t mean you have to give up on the fun. It’s far from it.
  • First, decide what party you want for your children. Ask your child to suggest some ideas.
  • These themed parties are very flexible and allow for a lot more creativity, at a very affordable cost.

Costumes for kids – It’s easy to make costumes and they won’t cost anything. For example, a pirate costume. Get out the scissors and cut off an old white shirt. Perhaps a cardboard cutter, cut from cardboard, covered with tin foil and a nice red scar at the head.

What about fairy wings made from cardboard, wrapped in pink paper, and then sprinkled with glue and glitter? These are just a few examples of costumes you can make with very little.

Party invites – If you’re computer savvy and creative, you can make your own invites. Or you can search the Internet for party invitations and find free templates. You can also download our free party invitations and print them for free.

You can make your own cake – there are endless possibilities. You can transform a simple rectangular cake into a pirate treasure best (shown a photo). There are loads of other cake ideas. Pinterest is a great place to start.

Decorations – balloons can be very inexpensive and are often all that is needed to create a party atmosphere. You don’t need to have many of them! You can also make your own colourful paper chains or purchase party decorations at an affordable online store.

Entertainment is a must for every party. Man people get a childrens entertainer nowadays. Although you could entertain the children yourself, you would need to have enough confidence that you can lead them through enough fun activities for two hours. This is something that you may want to budget for if you are unable. If you’re looking to hire a children’s entertainer, this will likely be the largest cost. However, if you go for a weekday after school, entertainers are more likely to offer better rates because weekdays are less busy than weekends. You can also choose a morning time slot such as 11am – 1pm. If you attend a weekday party, we give PS20 off or PS10 off for a weekend morning.

Food – Parents can spend hours in the kitchen creating the best party food, but it’s surprising how many kids will eat it. Sandwiches, crosps, and a few small snacks like grapes, are great options. It is best to eat finger food. If you are a creative genius and want to amaze and surprise, you can make your food unique and creative while still keeping within your budget. You can find tons of ideas for home-made party food on Pinterest or browse the internet.

Party bags – party bags are often thrown in the trash or left behind when the kids return home. If they’re not quality toys, you might consider giving them a slice of cake and a small, but still useful toy. You could also give your child a small, pocket-sized children’s book. These books are becoming more popular, and children are much more likely to keep them. They are available in shops for 50p to PS1 each. We can also make our own party bags for a fraction of the cost of buying them in bulk. We have carefully chosen toys that are high quality and kids will love to play with them long after the party is over.