How to check for plagiarism before submitting with Turnitin

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Turnitin is a text matching system that compares text in an assignment by a student against a database of sources.  The database has copies electronic text found on the internet at commercial databases, published works and other tasks that university students from all over the world submit to Turnitin.  It includes the tasks that students buy from internet sites.

Turnitin provides an originality report that underlines text that matches to other sources in color code linking to a source or similar documents in the database.

The report also indicates a proportion of the work matching other sources in similarity index.

Turnitin only test san assignment best custom essay writing services once thus you should be careful to submit the final draft or write another paper if you provide a temporary draft. The functioning is due to policy to only test assignment created by instructors.

Turnitin Plagiarism checking process

  • Go to assignments
  • Click add the assignment to display a create new assignment form
  • Add assignment title and directions
  • Go to submission type, click the drop-down box then select external tool.
  • Click Find.
  • Click Turnitin and click select
  • Choose and add desired assign dates/times then click on save. You can also click save and publish. Click single uploaded file only.
  • Click on Turnitin menu icon

Select Appropriate Options from the Following

If you select Turnitin you get these options.

  1. Set this assign to single uploaded file only
  2. Tell Students
  3. Submit only one assignment
  4. Only use file types: Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, or Plain Text.
  5. Always include a file extension
  1. Submit papers to the following repository

None: Means the document goes into Turnitin paper repository after an originality check. It is an excellent choice for a provisional draft to prevent the second version against the first.

Standard paper repository: The paper goes into Turnitin paper repository after an originality scan, and other documents that users submit will go through checking against it.

  1. Generate originality reports

Immediately:  Allows immediate sending of a paper to after its submission. creates an originality report and sends it to the assignment for viewing by an instructor. The process takes 15-20 minutes depending on a paper’s length.

 On the due date: Delays sending copies of the paper to Turnitin until the due date/time of an assignment. Turnitin will create and send an originality report to Trunk assignment for instructor viewing in 15-20 minutes.

  1. Allow students to view report

This option allows students to see a copy or Turnitin originality report of the assignment after checking in the same way with their teacher from a link on the Student’s view. Students will not know the status of their paper before submitting their assignment file if a teacher is using this service even when they have access to a returned originality report.  Tutors may need to inform students that they use Turnitin.

  1. Check originality against:

Turnitin paper repository: compares text against all submitted papers on the world-wide database.

Current and archived internet: Turnitin compared the submitted text against all the current and archived text on the public internet.

Periodicals and publications: Turnitin compare the text in the submitted paper against an extensive database of journals, periodicals, and other published work.

Institution-specific repository: This option does not have tufts.

Interpreting Turnitin Scores

Blue-no matching words

Green- One match work to 24% similarity index

Yellow-Similarity of 215-49%

Orange -50-74%

Red 75-100%