Attractions in France

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France is the most popular and the most liked tourist spot in the whole world. It is famous for its cheese and wines. Normally the visitors get attracted to France because it is a historic city and the agreeable climate. France has the rich culture of cuisine and wines.

There are some tourist spots in France which you should not miss while visiting France:

Eiffel tower

It is the most known and the most visited spot in France. It was designed in the year 1889 for an exhibition. It has been structured beautifully and the visitors are highly impressed by the size and the panoramas of the tower. There is also a restaurant for the tourists on the second level of the tower.

Louvre museum

It is the best ranked museum with high quality collection of fine arts. The famous works of western civilization can be found there. The whole collection of the museum is related to the kings of Louvre from start till now. This museum has more than 30,000 artworks out of which most are the masterpieces.

Côte d’Azur

Côte d’Azur is the stretch of Coastline and is also known by the name “French riveria” it is located near the border of Italy. The lavish villas of Côte d’Azur are best for the people who want to spend their vacations in luxury yachts.

The best time for you to visit France would be in late autumn and spring, as these times are the temperature is moderate. In summers, France is crowded and could be expensive for visits. By availing the chance of travel insurance for France you can get maximum benefits in form of fewer costs and expenses. You can get medical coverage and the coverage for your luggage in case if it gets lost.