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10 Tips For Enhancing Your Online Booking Experience

Businesses are struggling to retain customers and attract new ones due to the rising competition across nearly every industry. Every day, there is another deal, offer or company offering something new for the same customer. In such a crowded marketplace, it is essential to increase your online bookings. Here are 10 strategies for doing just that:

Sending SMS or email marketing campaigns

Mass marketing campaigns can be easily set up via email or SMS if your booking software has integrated marketing features or is compatible with popular CRMs and other marketing tools. Furthermore, sending links to your online booking page allows for tracking how many people visit it and how many actually book, providing insight into the return on investment for SMS or email marketing efforts.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms Effectively

Your business can reach new heights if you leverage popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. But this requires patience and consistent effort. You can grow your followers and likes on these sites through two methods: organic growth and paid promotion. Begin by asking existing customers and people in your network who might use your service to like and follow your page. Create a marketing campaign with limited budget that is specifically targeted towards your page/service, then attempt to increase followers over the next few days. If you use an online booking tool, it would be great if it could be integrated with your Facebook page. This way, customers can book directly from your page. It may be wise to use “numbers of bookings made” when measuring the success of your marketing campaigns, rather than “clicks and likes”. If you are contented with the return on investment, consider expanding the budget, price point or audience size of your campaign.

Offerings, Discounts and Deals

Discounts and deals that appeal to customers can be profitable investments. They should be seen as long-term investments, taking into account the average lifetime value (LTV) of your customer base. Timing discounts properly is key for making them effective; invest time studying market trends to identify when to launch your campaign. Moreover, make sure your hotel has an online reservation system so guests can book easily online.

Referral and viral campaigns

Businesses by nature are naturally viral. Facebook’s success stems from its inherent viral nature; people need friends to chat with, so they invite all their contacts to join the platform. WhatsApp works similarly; in order to use its free version, you’ll need all your contacts as well. These businesses have achieved incredible levels of virality. Even if your business isn’t quite there yet, you can add some excitement by offering referral discounts; for instance, rewarding two friends who refer a customer with an equal discount would be ideal; you can get ideas by looking at similar businesses in similar industries.

To reduce no-shows, send reminders and follow ups.

No-shows can be minimized by following up on bookings and reminding customers about their location and booking times in advance. Queueme’s online booking software can be customized to send out automated reminders, saving time and effort while decreasing no-shows.

Register Your Business in Our Directory

Though it may sound archaic, directory listings can be highly effective. Listing your business in online directories gives your business credibility and greater visibility, while opening doors to new markets. Customers who find you through these directories will be able to book services directly through your website, social media pages or micro-sites.

Online Payment Options

Customers who book online can make multiple payments. This reduces friction and increases customer flow to your business, decreasing the possibility of orders being abandoned at the last moment. Your payment gateway should be secure so customers feel confident making a payment. Furthermore, those who pay in advance tend less likely to cancel or forget about their bookings, thus decreasing no-shows.

A Loyalty Program

Customers will keep coming back to you more often if they know they can save more money the more they spend. Customers who book online are especially delighted by a loyalty program.

Advertising Campaigns Utilizing Pay Per Click Search

You may be looking into exploring marketing campaigns features on directories or platforms where your business is listed. Alternatively, an advertising agency can manage your Pay per Click search advertising campaigns on Google for you; alternatively, you could do it yourself. These campaigns should be managed carefully and optimized correctly – otherwise they could prove costly for your business. Budgeting for digital campaigns is essential and make sure to measure their return before investing more money. If results don’t meet expectations quickly enough, reach out for expert advice; giving up too soon without making informed decisions could prove disastrous for business growth.

Give your customers the best experience.

A strong online presence is essential to increasing online bookings. This includes running advertising campaigns, offering discounts and deals, as well as impressing customers with an efficient booking system. But nothing beats a great customer experience! Good customer service will likely increase word-of-mouth promotion for your business and spread the goodwill through reviews on social media. Queueme offers tablet software designed specifically to manage walk-ins and collect feedback – particularly helpful both for customers with bookings as well as those just dropping by for coffee!

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