Board of Directors at “Barone Health Center”

Barone Health Center uses state-of the-art rehabilitation equipment to provide effective and efficient patient care. This includes treatment options for: sciatica, neck pain, low back pains, sciatica and disc injuries.

Dr. Barone knew from a young age that she wanted to be a doctor in the area of health and well-being. Her decision to become a chiropractor is an opportunity to help others achieve their health and performance goals. To help patients looking for natural treatments at Barone Health Center, she continues to thirst for knowledge. Dr. Barone recognizes the importance nutrition plays in optimal health. In an effort to help patients achieve their wellness goals, she enjoys incorporating nutrition plans in her overall treatment.

Dr. Barone enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her shih-tzu Chewy. She also loves weightlifting, yoga, and cooking healthy meals when she isn’t working.


Relaxation and vacations. Summer is the best time el centro family health to relax and unwind. However, coming back from vacation can cause us to go back to stress mode and negate all the benefits of relaxation. To stop stress from returning, it is a good idea for you to establish healthy habits. Our Seaport Fit partner NewYork–Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital shares their top tips to staying healthy.

Stretch – Your Body and Mind

Maria Biondi (NYPBeHealthy well being coach at NewYork Presbyterian Queens), recommends that stress reduction be achieved through gentle stretching and mindfulness. For the full list, click here.

Sleep More

Stress can be reduced by improving our sleep habits. How can we improve our sleep habits? Among the recommendations shared by neurologist Dr. Daniel Barone of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell’s Center for Sleep Medicine: Sticking to a regular bedtime and wake-up routine; avoiding caffeine and electronic devices late at night; and exercising regularly. Seaport Fit classes are free and can be helpful.

Eat Light Barone Health Center

It’s easy to eat healthy when the weather is nice. Take advantage of the last summer days and stock up on fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. Georgia Giannopoulos, NewYork Presbyterian registered dietitian, says that she loves prepping cold dishes that don’t require cooking. Looking for some new ideas? Five easy, light summer recipes are featured in this Barone Health Center Matters article. This includes watermelon, feta salad, and cool gazpacho. Even fish tacos are acceptable.

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