10 Essay Writing Tips to Achieve your Academic Goals in 2016

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Essay writing is easy if you want a passing grade. It is not so easy if you are competing for a good grade. Here are a few insider tips on how you may create better essays and achieve your academic goals in the year 2016.

1 – Study before you write your essay

It may sound obvious, but the students that study the material and fully understand the concepts are often the ones that score the best on their essays.

 2 – Write your essay notes as bullet points

Do not write big scrawling notes on your topic of choice because they will not be handy later. Instead, write bullet point notes because they are easier to manage.

3 – Use an essay writing service

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4 – Spend more time on it than you should have done

It may sound queer, but you have a set idea in your mind on how long an essay should take. Go out of your way to spend more time on it than you actually think it needs. It is a boring thing to do, but it does help you pick up on a few of the faults your essay may have.

5 – Aim for three drafts of your work

Your first draft if your rough draft. It is the one where you power through the content as quickly as possible. The second draft is where you flesh out your essay, where you add better resources, and where it all comes together. Your third draft is an exercise in refinement where you make your essay more concise, pointed and strong. If you’re overwhelmed with your academic assignments, send your write my paper requests to DoMyPapers.com, the essay writing service for busy students.

6 – Proofread your work a paragraph at a time

It is easy to get sucked into auto-skimming proofreading when you are reading something you have already read, so work a paragraph at a time and it helps lower the chances of you skim reading.

7 – Start the same day you get it

If you make a start, then in your mind it is an unfinished task. Most people have a harder time leaving unfinished tasks than they do with a task they need to start.

8 – Re-read the question and memorize it

This will dramatically help you when you are researching. It helps keep your mind focused on the task at hand, and it somehow makes the topic a little easier.

9 – Planning is a very big part of the process

If you are able to plan your Best essay and your time in an effective way, then you stand a far bigger chance of creating a fantastic essay. Learn to spend more time planning and you will be surprised at the results.

10 – Have a professor fall in love with you

If all else fails, make your professor fall in love with you. If this happens, do not take it to inappropriate levels, but make it clear that you really want to succeed in that class for this/that reason, and hope your professor marks your work higher.