Why Visit France?

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The response to this query is as diverse as the nation. Why see France? Go to for the culture, the food, the wine, the art, the structure, the festivals, the actions, the ambience, the scenery, the chateaux, and the rest of the great items located in France and indigenous to France. There’s truly something for everybody here, irrespective of interest.

The majority of those who venture into Paris invest a couple of days or a week visiting the museums and tourists sights. There is enough to see that could fill a trip lasting decades. Past the Eiffel Tower, Musée p Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées, the Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, Centre Pompidou, Sacré Cœur and Montmartre are parks, gardens, parks, and restaurants galore. When the weather is great, there is no better place to roam and research.

But a lot of men and women who see France never get beyond Paris. That is a mistake. Though Paris is an amazing, lively city with plenty to see and do, by becoming beyond the capitol and to the countryside, you will see a totally different side to France. The tiny rural cities have a special character reflected in the area where they are . In the shore of Brittany into the pebble shores of this Côte d’Azur into the sunflowers and lavender fields of Provence as well as the mountains and mountains of this Rhône-Alpes, every region has something unique to offer you.

Irrespective of size, every city has a weekly market, where farmers bring their merchandise available. Driving a few hours south of Paris, you will come across that the Loire Valley, home of several of the very outstanding chateaux in France. Here you may locate Chambord, Amboise, Chaumont, Chenonceau, and a lot of other grand chateaux.

Continuing further south would be the lush areas of Provence. And past this is actually the French Riviera. Here you will discover water sports, beach activities, painting, galleries and museums of each description, excellent fresh food, and wines that are glorious. Living is lavish and pricey here – you will find tasteful villas along the coast at Cap Ferrat, just down the shore from Monaco, and at the hills above. Pebble beaches extend from Nice previous Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Antibes, and during the summer they may be crowded.

Nice has some thing for everybody, whatever you are looking for. There is an amazing Sarlat hotel, plenty of museums, gardens, hiking trails, biking, horseback riding, sailing, wind surfing, gourmet dining, and the list continues.

Past Nice would be the cities of Arles, Aix, Avignon – all worth a trip, especially in the event that you like painting and art. That is where Van Gogh and Cézanne painted their own landscapes. Lavender fields and sunflowers could be observed anywhere. The scene is very beautiful.

Driving to the Dordogne, there are quite a few charming villages to explore, such as Sarlat. Nearby are the famous caves of Lascaux and Lascaux II, along with the Roman ruins of Périgueux.

And of course there would be the wines of Bordeaux and also the Champagne area, along with the apples and Calvados of Normandy. France has so much to offer, irrespective of where in the nation you happen to be. Therefore, if you are seeking to have a fantastic time and a fantastic experience, you will understand the best way to pay a visit to France. Go to for the fantastic life. And you will be rewarded with a fantastic experience.