Reasons to visit Vipava valley

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Great location … amazing views

It requires just 1 hour achieving Vipava valley. When coming to the Razdrto pass, the opinion Vipava valley is stunning using numberless vineyards, booming orchards and steep slopes of Nanos and Trnovo plateau. It’s the right time to choose your picture!

Bora wind

Vipava valley would be the windiest area in Slovenia. Burja or even Bora end, which blows at a rate of 180km/helps to dry prosciutto, keeps clouds and fog off, however, also causes some issues in visitors. Keep an eye. From being ignored buildings have stones and rocks to avoid the tiles. The legend claims the Bora wind was an element in a struggle in 394. What has been its consequence?

Yummy local cuisine

Are you on the lookout for a value meal bargains that are excellent? Well, you’re in the ideal location. Neighborhood tourist farms and restaurants are providing seasonal dishes after the recipes of the grandmothers. To record some Vipava valley grounds: Nanos cheese, Vipavska jota/Vipava thick soup using sauerkraut or turnip, berries and beans, Vipavski štruklji/Vipava dumplings celery soup /Vipava prosciutto. These meals are tasty and unique. Dauber Trek/Have a fantastic dinner! 

Vaulted wine cellars and exceptional wines

Moderate Mediterranean climate, fertile land, Bora breeze, sufficient rain and scenic landscape are ideal for wine producing. Vipava valley is also referred to as an area that was fantastic. You will find approximately 2300ha of wineries. Nicely signed Vipava Wine Street would lead one. Wine lovers will appreciate wine tasting of autochthonous Zelen, Pineal, and Klarnica grape types in the regions in which the wine has been made: from vaulted wine cellars. Don’t overlook to sing a tune in wine cellars with acoustics.

Charming villages … hospitable locals

Vipava valley is coated with charming small towns and cities. Wander around photogenic cities of Goče, Podnanos, and Vipavski križjust to mention a number of these. Villages with narrow cobblestone streets boast stone cutting and tradition. Since locals prefer to socialize with foreigners, you’ll never be here. The natives are hospitable. Are you prepared to put in their wine cellars?!

Otliško ono

Boasting rich cultural heritage Vipava valley also provides many chances for outdoor fans. One of these is undemanding increase to the pure miracle Otliško okno/ / Otlica original window. A legend claims that a devil himself created a hole. Together using Vipava valley in the trunk, it’s possible to have a selfie through the window.


During spring and autumn time participate at the osmica, a where you can taste wines and delicacies. Wine growers have been permitted to market their excess of the final season’s wine (eight in Slovenian language signifies osem, and by a note osem produces osmica) annually without paying tax. This manner their beer barrels drain for the upcoming year. It’s a real culinary mouthwatering cure with live audio throughout the evenings!