A Checklist When It Comes To Buying A Previously-Owned Car

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Buying a certified previously-owned vehicle, which is in good working condition is a viable option for consumers who do not want to make installment payments on acquiring a brand-new car. However, they need to very cautious when it comes to purchasing such a vehicle. This is because this type of transaction is the not the same as obtaining the latest model from a reliable car manufacturer’s production line. Apart from the initial cost of such an automobile, they may have to burn their pockets to pay for uncertain maintenance costs and repairs. Moreover, the warranties of such vehicles will not cover everything.

American Federal Auto is a family-owned limited liability company, which specializes in selling certified previously-owned vehicles to the public at reasonable prices. The proficient automobile engineers and mechanics of this establishment make it a point to ensure they carry out a thorough inspection, servicing and reconditioning of all the cars in their inventory. After conducting such a procedure do they certify these vehicles to be in good working condition and offer them for sale to their customers. In addition to this, they also give an assurance that none of these automobiles have been involved in any form of motor car collusion.

What should buyers check in a previously-owed car?

The automobile experts of this corporate enterprise say consumers usually find numerous previously-owned vehicles available for sale in local newspapers and other sources. Such buyers should ensure that the car they intend to acquire should not more than two years old and in good working condition despite a couple of minor scratches in a few places. Moreover, they should always insist on taking the vehicle on a thorough test drive with a proficient mechanic accompanying them to verify the dealer’s claims.  However, the two most important aspects, which they should pay special attention to are:

Price of the vehicle the dealer is asking for

These professionals confess it is difficult for car buyers to ascertain accurately the present value of a previously-owned vehicle they intend to acquire in today’s market. A convenient way is the browse the internet for the prices of similar previously-owned vehicle models. They should insist that a mechanic with necessary skill, knowledge and experience carry out of extensive inspection of the automobile in the presence of the dealer and themselves. This will give them an idea of the type of repairs they need to carry out and its annual maintenance cost. This puts them in an ideal position when it comes to negotiate the final price of the car they want to acquire.


When it comes to purchasing a previously-owned car of their choice, mileage is a factor they cannot afford to ignore. If the previous owner of the vehicle has long driven the car for a few miles, then buyers should think of acquiring this automobile. Generally, most industry experts consider 12000 miles annually to be the standard mileage.

The professionals of American Federal Auto further explain that buyers should also verify the vehicle’s registration papers and history report in addition to the above. They need to ensure that these documents are in order and authentic.This will ensure they get a car of their choice at a fair deal.